130 approval from California

Anyone got approved for
Pd 09/12/19 !

No my pd is 08/19 still waiting for approval

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My Pd is August 26th I’m still waiting for approval. Please let me know when you received yours.

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We are all waiting :weary:but I’ll keep you posted when i got my approval

Got my approval today


Waoooooo so happy for you

Thank you hope you get your approval soon

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Please what is your Pd?

July Pd and i’m still waiting

My pd is August 2019

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are you green card ? Or citizenship! Form Cali ?

I am a America citizen

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Ok for us citizens it is quick I know that I thought y are LPR ok that tells me. It is all about waiting for my interview cause green card it is just gonna take it for up to 1000000 years for some to get approved

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