Adjustment of status Fresno

Who can tell me timeline adjustment of status Fresno CA 2019 thanks

Petition 8/23
Fingerprints taken 9/23.
Ready to schedule interview 10/26

Omg That’s really good thanks


Please if u can let me know any more news

Card (work permit) being produced 12/10

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Congratulation mine also is now ready to be scheduled I really appreciate thanks you very much

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Hello Adriana any update on your case ?

EAD combo card received 12/10/19

No interview date yet.

How about yours? Any updates?

Congratulations the EAD is a really good advance thanks for taking your time by the way is your case being processed in Fresno CA right?

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As of November 22 is ready to be scheduled for interview I am waiting at least my EAD is approved my recibe date is 9/30/2019

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Yes Local Office is Fresno Ca

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Hello Adriana I hope you are really good
I want to know if you have already schedule for the interview bye thanks

No date yet. Still waiting.

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Hello Adriana I received my EDA last Saturday I am so happy thanks for share your timeline to me . We just have the interview left . Please let me know any news bye

Hello Adrianas do u have date yet ?

Hi. Interview will be 3/4/20. Congrats on your ead.

If you haven’t got your physical done, I can refer you to a doctor.

Please I have been looking for one

My status changed yesterday now say interview was scheduled but I don’t know when so I need to do my medical how much did u pay for it and please give me the address and number phone to the doctor thanks