Any body get case approval after November 2017?

Hey any body get the case approval near by?

here was approved las 8 July

here 25 july 2019 india

What was your priority date?

Hey, what was Priority date?

october 19 2017. f2a. india

Feb 20, 2018 pending at CSC, green card

August 2017 still waiting

Did u get a approval yet ?

I’m August 10, 2017 still waiting too. No updates until now. Stay strong guys.:pray::pray::+1::+1::+1:

What application do you have

I’m F2A married to permanent residence. They said I only need to maintain my work permit until visa number becomes available :pensive::pensive::pensive:(Service requested) which means no answer, lol. Keep praying guys. Cheers​:pray::pray::pray: