Any i130 approval from Texas Service Center

How much time it will take for march approval … my pd is 8 march 2019

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Mine is jan 31 2019 , no reply whatsoever

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Mine is January 28 , still waiting too . I pray we all get approved soon .

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Which country do you live in ?

You should call nvc because i have seen many cases from march are approved

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I’m living in india …

Mine Dec 27 18 no reply yet

It must be march 2018 … i never heard anyone from 2019 being approved … what is you PD ?

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How do you know cases from march were approved?

In Visa journey website people are getting approval letters For march 2019 cases of Texas Service Center


This is a great website. Thank you for the tip!!

Even some from April 2019 have been approved

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I don’t know when i get approval letter😪

I’m January 31,2019 and I’ve been approved since August 14,2019

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Which service center ???

Texas Service Centre

That’s really good I don’t know when I’ll get but want to ask you that how your approval letter came by mail or email?

By mail. The website hasn’t updated as yet. It still says “case received”

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How do we call the Nebraska service center? We sent our petition on January 24, 2019 and nothing yet as of now… Been hoping for like some sign or something that’ll at least tell me something is happening instead of just waiting around

Nebraska Service Centre takes 12.5 to 16 months. They’re currently dealing with those petitions received in June 2018.