Any recent i130 approval from Potomac service center

I submitted mine in March of 2020

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My PD 12-2019,Haven’t approved yet

still wating for the result

Still waiting on a response!

What is your PD? Mine is March 5,2020.

September 12, 2019!!

What title are you
Parents? ? ?Spouse?

I have petition my husband.

Mine October 2018😭 still waiting for

Potomac nov 7 2019 still waiting :weary::broken_heart:

5 days ago it was changed to they are actively reviewing our case.

Same October 19 / 2019 potomac nothing nothing :frowning:

Están trabajando noviembre 7 2019

Todo lo Ke dice ahí no es cierto. Yo lo tengo de septiembre del 2019. Y nada.