Anyone applied for a GC at the end of 2019?

Did anyone applied for a GC at the end of 2019? Let’s try to make this topic to be our place to share the updates? So we know how the process is going with other people.


Hi im sept filler…Done biometrics oct 18 with my k2 until now no updates … even may EAD

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I applied last October at the end of the month so far got my receipts in the middle of November, after a week of getting my receipts I got my appointment for biometrics in the middle of December, now just waiting for the next step which is the EAD.

I am in the same situation as you guys, I just had my biometrics and now waiting for the EAD. I just hope the interview doesn’t take too long! :frowning:

October filer here. Biometrics done in November. Case is ready to be scheduled in December. Nothing since. No RFE’s either. No EAD.

Filed in September and did biometrics in October. Still waiting for the EAD to be processed. Case says fingerprints were added to case. Has anyone’s status changed from that ?

According to USCIS time line after you get you biometrics there is at least 3 month up to 7 months to get a EAD, also I was seeing a video from a lawyer that there is a backlog on cases of immediate relatives.

For me, no. Now waiting the next step that is the EAD

filed on 10/07, ready for interview now. Waiting for combo card :joy:

When is it ready for interview? After the fingerprints? I don’t understand this at all lol

Because that’s the natural order for form I485. Depending on where you live & which service center is processing your form; your wait time can be anywhere from a few days to months to a year. Some field offices have extremely high backlogs for example: NY & NJ offices take longer than per say Texas/Florida. I765 also takes long depending on your field office/service center.
It’s just a waiting game at this point & sadly it’s nerve racking for us & hectic for them

Yep but what was the last update before ready for interview? I just wanna understand the order of them.

Fingerprint Review Review Completed before Ready to schedule interview

Hi guys. I just got an update of my I-485: Case is Ready to be Scheduled for Interview. Where are you guys at?

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My case is ready to be scheduled for an interview as well. Got notified January 16, nothing else since then. I’m in CT

I have been at this step For 41 days now, am in NJ

Hope we all get our interview soon!!

Have you received any update regarding the EAD?

None whatsoever. I have read in another forum that your more than likely to get an interview faster than EAD & from the timelines of many & when I searched cases on another app: it rings truth

Omg that is literally my dream lol I just want the interview already