Anyone received the combo card renewed?

Hi! Our combo card expired on April/2021 and we request to renew on December/2020, but we didn’t received noting yet!

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I requested my card renew nov 2020 and I didnt receive yet !

I request my in December/2020 and not yet as well. So my lower did another request again just in case. They are taking too long😢

The same here. The problem is we can’t renew the Drive License in Florida.

Not Yet ! And I am thinking How can i renew my drive’s license. :disappointed:

My will expire this month and I’m worry about :sweat:

Yeah, oh gosh… I hope they will be more fast this year :pray:t2:

We did the same and nothing yet!!

If you have the 797 C notice of action, you can renew your drive license and continue in your work. The notice of action says that the combo card is valid until 180 days after expired you card.

The problem is: my letter expired as well😅 my lawyer send another request to renew and they send another letter in December /2021 the letter says the same thing, but my combo card expired on April/21 …

Mariana, vai no local pra renovar sua drive license. Eles farão uma segunda verificação com a imigração. Leva o 797 de dezembro e mostra pra eles

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Vou tentar. Obrigada :pray:t2: