Application I130

Has anyone been approved I-130 from December 2019 already?!
Category: CR1

I the 12-06-2019 I-130 no ready. I will for that’s

I approved it,today cr5,

PD 12-2019,for father

What’s your category?! What’s your office?

What’s your office?!

husband’s request and I was at the national benefits center but I saw that they transferred it to potomac although they didn’t notify me

If he is a resident you should call USCIS and make a complaint about the delay, but if he is citizen you still have time, it goes from 10 months to 12.5 months

Hi is citizen and I in USA

Texas center Approved today

According to the table you’re still in the processing time.

Thank. thanks for the info. I have almost 5 months waiting for me to set an appointment date. everything is in time although it could have come out earlier because of the corona virus the processes have been delayed. A friend’s date is December 9, 2019 and he already has an appointment date. I don’t know what the day is but they already have it. sorry i use translator

How long you waiting for that??