Applying for greenCard through asylum

Has anyone else sent their application in March? 45 days later finger prints were applied to my case and never had an appointment to do fingerprints. Called USCIS and they said they are using my old finger prints because all the offices are closed?? Anyone else has this situation?

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It is open now. You will get notice soon

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No they actually said that the will not send me anything because they used my old fingerprints

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Do u have your case in Taxes or Nebraska?

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I have it in Texas…

I am in the same boat with you, applied on March 18, old finger print applied on 4/7/2020, Ready to be schedule an interview on 4/28/202.
No new update since then.

Is your green card asylum based or family and when was the date u filed

Did u file it long and I guess Texas is bit slow

My case is asylum based and it’s been 23 months still I am waiting