Approval for i 130

My PD is january 28th 2020 . Have anyone got the approval in january 2020 yet ?

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Are you Lpr or Citizen?

I am green card holder

Oh I’m waiting since September 2019!

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I am still waiting too. My case is scheduled for July 2019.

What service center?

The service center is California.

Did u make a e-request ?

I am sorry, do you mean E-filed?

My pd is sept 2019, I Made an inquire about the case and they told me that may case was in time. They only are going to review your case if it is before March 2019.

Really?!?? Im from September 2019 too! California to Potomac! I made inquiry’s but never told me this! This is so frustrating!

If you are in Potomac the processing times are shorter, 12 to 16 months. And the PD for an inquire is Nov 2019. So You can do it. I am in California . How did You know the change in the processing Center?

Processing time in the official page it’s not correct! You can nake inquie but it’s not worth it ! They keep saying me it’s normal! I called and asked for information and they told me i was transferred!

Literally just got approved today, but that didn’t come easy, I had a marriage based green card, applied on 02/02/2018 approved on 8/8/2021

Wtf u are waiting 3 years

Countless requests for case update, all unheard, countless calls reached no where, but I know I am not alone in the queue, fortunately this came to an end for me (hopefully)… good luck to each and everyone who in any kind of process with USCIS and reading this message

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And this only the UCSIS approval? OMG, what a long time.

I know right, but it was what it was, hopefully the new changes in the government will get fruitful results for all

Wow ,did you get approved for a visa.

Yes, just got my GC yesterday