Asylum based green card

Anyone here with pending green Asylum case Based at taxes office and would like to know your story. Thanks

Hi I also file my green card on asylum based my case is in taxes service center it’s been 23 months done still waiting for my green card .

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I guess u will soon receive some information or after sometime u can contact them for case inquire outside processing time.

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I am as well. Submitted my application at the en of feb and got a notification saying that my finger prints were applied to my case 30 days later. Haven’t heard anything else since then. Do you guys know what’s after the fringes prints. Asylum based.

U are lucky u applied in February and fingerprints done, I actually applied in June 2019 but nothing yet.

I applied for my greencard back on De,2018, I did my fingerprints on last Feb 2020 but didn’t hear anything back yet.

I didn’t even went to do my fingerprints they never sent me an appointment all I got was the letter saying they were going to use my previous fingerprints

So you been waiting for how long?

Since Dec 2018 until now

I file in September 2018 until now waiting . Is ur case is also in Texas

U can call them and see, but is it’s still within the processing period

Yes my case is in Texas

Any news from them so far

No nothing what about you?

I didnot hear anything yet so far