Awaiting EAD approval

I had put in request for EAD approval late December 2020 and haven’t received a response yet apart from the received application form in February 2021. All the calls I am trying to make go into an automated loop which makes it difficult to speak to anyone. Is there anyone who can help?

Best option would be to try to calling them in the early or late hours of the day.
Alternatively, Have you tried chatting with USCIS via the Ask-Emma chat bot function ? It can direct your chat to their personnel if you try requesting via your responses.

The phone line goes into automated service. I can’t seem to get to speak to anyone. The live chat just says the processing times are long. That’s the only answer I get

I hear you. Sadly things are moving at snail pace since Oct 2020.
If I’m guessing right, is this for the L2 EAD?
Ideally the I-797C (acknowledgment/ receipt of EAD renewal should be sufficient to work for another 180 days, post expiry of the current EAD, for most EAD renewals.
USCIS has yet to make a mention of the (a)(1)(8) category (for L visas) eligible for this clause of using the receipt as the work authorization while the new EAD is being processed.
One option in such a case maybe to discuss with your employer to see if they are agreeable to let you work on the receipt
Request them to keep the position open when you resume work after you receive the EAD.

Here’s a useful link (if this is relevant to your case)

Thank you for the link and response.

You’re welcome Susan!
And here’s another good video that shares the approximate timelines for each processing center.
Not sure if your application happens to be at the California or Texas service center.

Ours is at the Vermont center. Do you think it can be transferred to Texas? Texas processing is quicker and we stay in Oklahoma.

Hmm, I’m not sure about the transfer of case process. I believe that’s something an immigration attorney might be able to answer.