Biometric appointment

How long does it take to get appointment for biometric appointment?
I sent my documents in August. Still waiting

It usually takes 3 weeks, but due to the pandemic it takes way more. I sent my documents in august too and in November I got an RFE.
So, if you didn’t get any rfe, I would call.
Where did you file from?

I got RFE in December!
Send 2 weeks ago.

The same way here guys. I applied in July, got my RFE in December, and now waiting for an answer.

What I meant to ask was in what city are you?
I sent everything from Boston and my documents are in MO.
I got an RFE for my birth certificate.
They received my response on December 1st. They should reply within 60 days and I hope to receive their decision by the end of this month.

Boston too, I hope it doesn’t take 60 days…

I just received the biometrics appointment letter. It’s on February 17th.
The letter it’s dated January 23rd.
It took them 53 days the give me an answer to my RFE.
I hope this info will helps :slight_smile:

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The same day for me!

Nice guys, I’m still waiting for an answer

@Y2ALDs03 in what city are you?

@UrQFyxX2 Hopefully you’ll get it this week. Check the mailbox because the case in the app won’t be updated.

Thank you and I will

I live in Boston…

@Y2ALDs03 Cool! I live in Cambridge and if you have your appointment on the 17th, I’ll probably see you then!
Ты говоришь по-русски?))

Да говорю :wink:. My appointment at 3