BLANK yellow letter

So, guys, I’ve just received a yellow letter regarding my i485 case, however the letter is BLANK. There’s nothing written on the body of the letter.
It has my name and the case, then it says courtesy letter to applicant and it goes straight to the director’s signature.
i had my biometrics done on August 8th and on the next the fingerprint was completed. No updates at all. Then I got this letter today?

Can anyone help, please?
Thank you so much.

Can you check your case status online?

Yes, I can. It says the fingerprint review was completed. And that’s it.

I would call them to ask.

I did. They asked me to call back on Monday to talk to a tier 2 officer. =(

Good luck to you!! Let us know the outcome

Normally the Yellow letter is RFIE . I received the same yellow letter for my daughter’s i148