Case denied. Motion or Appeal?

Hello. Anyone here had a f2a case denied? What made motion or appeal? have you answered them yet?

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Hello, did uscis send a notice intent to denied (NOID) before this decision? Did you hired an attorney?

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Yes, they sent us a denial attempt and sought someone we thought was an attorney but made a simple letter. after that they denied us the case

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You didn’t submit all evidences in the NOID! That’s may be the reason!

We did what the person told us to do. did it happen to you anyway? what did you do?

How long have you sent everything?

Two weeks ago. How long did they take to answer you?

I sent it December 17 and my answer came December 30

Did they give you a chance to rebut the case?

On December 30 they denied our case, and gave us the opportunity for a motion to open or reconsider or to appeal. we opted for the motion

Ok good luck! You will be fine,

When you notice, could you please tell me

What reason they denied

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