Case inquiry for outside normal processing times?

I just applied for a case inquiry for outside normal processing times. I am wondering if anyone has done the same and what should I expect? They gave me a response date for August 22nd

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What Service Center and when did you submit the application?

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Last night, national benefit centre. I’m mostly wondering what to expect from submitting a case inquiry and anyone’s experiences with it

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I did and also got an email said wait until August 22 for response


After Issuing Service request did they assign case to anyone yet ?
Cos for me they are yet to assign case, i issued service req on 080619

They still haven’t assigned my case yet and I applied for it on July 31st

How is it going? Any updates?

They still didn’t assign… wondering if they ever!

Still not assigned. After the 22nd I am going to call and see what’s going on.

My case status has no update 365 days passed

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I did that 2 time and they never respond, they never asign my case to immigration representatives Im so desperate cuz I’m not hear nothing since March 24 after they got my RFE

I did but they still didn’t answer me is been 2 month sense u did that

We don’t have no choice then to wait this is a game that trump administration is doing ?