Case is ready to be scheduled for interview

Please can anyone shed light my I-485 change to case is ready to be schedule for interview but all other cases remains as case was received …

Im in the same way😞. Im waiting for my interview

How many days have u submitted all your paper work

I’ve been on ready to be scheduled for 2 months now. No EAD, PD early May.

Thanks so much for your update I hope and pray you get your papers soon and pls don’t forget to update when u get it cheers

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2 July 2019. My case is ready to be schedule.


What was your service center?

Bebefit service center. My interview was nov 13. But the person didnt gave us a response, he just said that they will notify us. And im waiting

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Thanks for your update I finally got my EAD and socials two days after and waiting for my interview date

I dont know why i didnt get my EAD before the interview :confused:

What is ur interview. Green cArd 2 years or 10 years?

Wow. And when did you first submit your papers?

I suposed that 10 years because im gonna be 3 years married​:confused::confused:

First week of July, i dont remember the day exactly

They had increased paper for immigration last year. Now just wating when they send mail to you, but lucky u never have to update some documents for them. My friend update some documents for them before they give them fingerprint

What was your received date?

08/9 - noa1
08/22 - bio
10/09 - case status change to interview ready to be scheduled
11/20 - EAD and AP received
service center - Dallas texas
Have some friends their case is faster than mine. But like what they said it depends on state and case to case basis. :roll_eyes:

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I have the Same mesenger. I don’t know why when I can receipt the schedule for an interview. Do any one know about this? How long do I havw to wait??

It was the same with us and after almost 11 months they noticed us that we need to go for another interview

I have the seme 09/11/2019 case alredy for interview. I’m in Santa Ana CA.