Case reopened Green Card EB3

My green card was Approved 4/08/2020 then I received the cards a few days later.
On 4/16/2020 I received notification that my case was reopened. It said wait for the notice we sent you and follow the instruction.
When we received the letter, it only said the case was reopened.
Our lawyer said wait 30 days, if we don’t have any news they will submit a service request.
They did. The USCIS reply was: Your green card was mailed on 4/8/2020… But the portal still says case was reopened.
Has anyone have a familiar experience?

Was it family based green card?

I don’t understand the question. EB3 is employment based.

I did finger print in November 2016 and i have been waiting almost 4 years for i485 approvement…
How long did you wait after finger print until received green card?

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When did you apply for I-485? And which service center?

Unfortunately 2018 cases are going on

Is there any one who scheduled for the interview?