Case was approved, we sent you an approval notice, Please follow the instructions in the notice

Case was approved this morning, Thanks God.
They said they sent me an approval notice.
Please follow the instructions in the notice.
Can somebody tell me if the gonna send me the combo card or they still want something from me?

Usually, the approval notice is sent as a letter and it’s not linked to the card. The letter can be just a confirmation or show the next steps to get your card. Usually, for EAD cards, you just receive a confirmation letter and your card is issued quickly.

my case was approved on April 1 and on April 2 they sent me my card and I received it on April 3

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What was your priority date ? It’s your case based on marriage ? What is your category?

I received the Card but now case Is ready to be scheduled for an interview

What was your priority date? My priority date is 26 August 2019 and I haven’t received approval yet.