Couple never lived together

New York, Queens field office

Forms received by USCIS =July 25,2019

Biometrics =August 19,2019

Ead n advance parol received = January 1,2020

Interview date= March 30th,2020

Interview canceled due to covid

Employment and travel card renewed = January 2,2021

Interview date= February 2,2021

Interview canceled due to snow storm

Interview date= March 24,2021 1pm

Case approved= March 24th,2021 4pm

So this post is for couples who are scared to reveal to USCIS that they don’t live together. I know living together is a very important factor when it comes to marriage based green card application but trust me there’s nothing wrong with couples not living together if you have a valid reason.

I met my husband when I had first started nursing school in New York and we all know how hard it is to get accepted into a nursing school so I didn’t want to risk it by trying to find another school in a different state so we decided we will move in together after school. My husband lives in Atlanta. The officer asked us how we met and we told the truth that we met on instagram. We had tons of flight tickets from 2 years of us visiting each other in both states, and even going to LA, Puerto Rico , Las Vegas and South Carolina together. Since we didn’t live together we didn’t have any prove of lease, no joint bank account, no filing taxes together because these r all the things couples do when they leave together but our case was different. The interview went very smooth, most of the questions were directed to my husband and most of the questions was about himself so there was no room for mistakes lol.

Please please please appearance is very important. You have to dress like a WINNER. I saw most people in casual outfits like jeans, that’s a NO NO! Dress like you’re going for a job interview, dress professional. We didn’t wear bright colors because that’s too much for the eyes. I made my husband get a fresh haircut, he had on a blazer with pants and a shirt, and I had on a blazer n pants as well, face beat, hair laid lol.

Ladies if you can please wear heels not flats, heels brings out the class in you lol. We dressed to impress and let me tell you we got noticed even before we entered the building, from the security everybody was wondering “who are these people?!” Lol🤣

You have to let USCIS know that you also have something to offer America especially if you r a professional. My husband has an MBA in IT and I’m a registered nurse = you can’t tell me nothing!:joy: I’m out here saving lives, you better give me that green card Sir! Lmao

N oh my husband is also 15years older than me (age gap is a red flag) but we had no problems because the chemistry was there and they knew we were telling the truth! Plus my husband looks 15yrs younger, he’s fineeeee😝

Just keep praying about your case, God didn’t bring you this far to leave you just like that. He’s a way maker! And most importantly have CONFIDENCE.

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N we didn’t use any lawyer! :woman_shrugging:t2: