Do anybody have a pending has I am?

Do anybody have pending caise Similar has I am ?
I-130 June 2 2017
I-485 May 21 2018
The officer said my I-130 is approved but still don’t get any approval notice yet.

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Time line ( Marriage ) Miami FL- Kendall Field l.

09/20/2018- 130; 131; 765; 485

10/04/2018- Received notice from all forms

11/01/2018- Fingerprints

03/26/2019- EAD received

07/20/2019- I-485 is ready to be scheduled

08/12/2019- Interview was scheduled

08/17/2019- Received interview Notice

09/30/2019- Interview Done

09/30/2019- I-130 Approved

10/01/2019- I-485 Approved

10/07/2019- Approval notice from I-130 received

I had my interview on September 30!

I got my I-130 approved later on the same day. October 1 my case status form I-485 was updated to approved.

On October 7 I received my approval notice I-130. But I’m still awaiting my approval notice I-485 I got a little worried because it’s over 15 days. I called USCIS today and they said that I must wait 30 days.

I’m feeling that it’s gonna take months to get my Green Card, Even though it’s already approved!

I’m very upset with that.

If you got you approval notice you don’t have to worry just wait now…

I got approval notice from I-130 but I’m still waiting for I-485. I Just Received an e-mail from USCIS saying that my case status was approved, since then no more news! Today 21 days!

When did the gren card arrive after the interview?
my interview was also wen kendall

I did interview of 2018 and until now my case still pending…New Orleans service center I used

I got my Green Card on November 23 2019 after wait over 60 day and finally speaking with the supervisor on level 2.
They realized that even my case was approved the system didn’t recognize it.
He had to reset the system and re-approve after that I received my Green card in 3 days.

I do and it’s only showing pending until this day