EAD expedited request got denied

I had sent an expedited request for I-765 and got a denied email. Does that make my case go to the bottom of the pile and take even longer? I’m so so worried and frustrated right now as nothing has changed for 120 days already.

What is denial reason ?

My status was “Case was approved” at this moring , and now that changed to “Expedited request denied”

Crazy… Will my case back to the origin point?

I’m at 264 days so I would love to change places

No the case will just be processed normally, you will keep the receipt date and number, which Centre did you file at?

MSC. The inquiry date is getting closer so if nothing happens after 5 months. I’ll call them again.

10 month I 20 9 AM they asked for evidence I have it now now just a matter of time they can’t deny you on times you were married as long as you do all the paperwork right I am a very expensive lawyer it’s $400 an hour They denied me I’m going to go back to the Philippines and get my wife pregnant they love babies they were definitely approve it if there’s a baby involved so good luck to you all