EB5 Case Tracker

Hey guys,
Can we start this thread to keep everyone updated on how their I-526 petitions are processing? We can put the date when petition was filed and last update we received on the petition. That will help everyone in getting ETA on the process. You can also post If you’ve received any RFE on you case and details on RFE so other members can also help or have an idea on what to expect.
You can just start the Thread by adding the following details:

  • filing date
  • current status
  • regional Centre/ non regional Centre case
  • Filing Date - 30 May 2019
  • Last status - Petition received
  • Invested in Regional Centre project
  • Currently working in USA

Filing date - May 17, 2019
Invested with a Regional Center
Currently on an F1 visa in the US
Status - Petition received

April 9 2019
Case received
Regional center


I am 10th Dec 2015 Regional center lol