F2A. IOE. Green card. California

Hello, Any update ? Are u still waiting?

Cho minh ho, Hồ sợ của bạn approve chưa ?

Chưa luôn bạn ơi , mình vẫn đang chờ

Bạn có thông báo gì mới chưa ? Mình đợi hoài hoài mà không thấy gì ? Lo lắng quá.

Chưa luôn bạn ơi , mà mình mới mướn luật sư kiện uscis , trong vòng 60 ngày nó sẽ trả lời cho hồ sơ của mình

I have received approval letter for 3 days. My case date is 07/30/2019. I hope everything will be quick later.

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Congratulations! I still waiting. My pd 05/07/20.

Congratulations, wich service center have your case, I’m still waiting for approval I’m form may 2019 🥲

Hello bạn. Mình cũng diện F2A GC holder. pd April/20/20. Vẫn đang đợi :open_mouth:‍:dash:. Bạn có tin gì mới chưa?

PD 10/7/2019. I’m still waiting. Any update?

Any update. I still waiting. Pd 7 may 2020

Me too!. Pd April/20/20

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I still waiting april 2020


Any update ??? i’m so boring !

Nothing… I’m still waiting

Me too… Still Waiting 🫠

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My case was updated yesterday : Case is being Actively Review by USCIS!
Idk how long it will take the next step?…

I think it approval soon. I thank 1-2 days. Mine is nothing. Pd 5/7/2020. Congratation

I hope so!! :pleading_face:… Maybe your stt will be change next month too. Good luck for us!

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My case was approved today! Big step after 2 years 12days… so if your pd on May maybe next month you’ll be approve too!.