F2A Septembar 2019

Any approved for September 2019?

no still wating service center is california 9 month passed

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Which month is processed in the California service center?

my pd of califonia center is 15 jan 2020

Are you LPR or Citizen ?

sub, 3. lis 2020. u 10:48 vishal thakur <notifications@51apply.com> napisao je:

September 23rd in California still nothing! Lpr

am spouse of green card holder (lpr)

when they last look into ur uscis account when the last date is updated

I’m spouse of LPR too.
30 june 2020 was my last update

mine last update is 16 sep 2020

Oh great ! Hope you get approval soon!

thanks bro and u also get soon ,please let me know when u approved

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I am LPR applied for my Husband pd is 09/12/2019 still waiting from CA Service Center.

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Our Pd are close!
Let me know if you get anything new!

It is still nothing is gosh this is taking forever man can’t take it no more I need my husband I am

I feel you dear! We hope for the best :pray:t2:

My pd sept 27, 2019 and still nothing. LPR California center. Any of you have been approved?