F2A visa category

It’s very frustrating to wait for a long time, I have been waiting since 24 months but no approval yet, F2A :confused:
How long I have to wait more ? Why they are taking so much time for approval ?


Why it’s frustrating :thinking::thinking::thinking:Please check the visa bulletin of July. They have made priority date as CURRENT for this category.
Now it should take only 4/6 months for processing.
Have patience everything will be alright.

Take care


Me the same😞 19 months now.

July visa Bulletin showing currebt Is any benifit for them who not receive approval yet ?

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I really need to get my daughter :sweat::tired_face::weary:it’s already 2years :tired_face::tired_face:

You guys are not alone. I’ve been waiting for GC for 3 years. My PD is August 10,2017. Marriage to GC holder, F2A. Hopefully, it will be our day soon.
Stay strong​:pray::pray::+1::+1: