F2A waiting for approval

My Date receive is August 2019, and I’m still waiting for approval, it’s early to receive it, but I’m really desperate. I have faith that I’m receiving approval soon.


Whats ur service center?

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my PD is May 2019, and I’m still waiting for approval . My case is in California .

Myn also aug 15 2019 . CSC . Waiting !


in category f2a. do any of you live in the usa? did any of you put together 1-130 with Adjustment of status? Should I wait for approval and then send Adjustment of status? My PD is 24 may 2019 .

My recipe date is August 29 2019 and I’m waiting too.

California Service Center

My PD is 29th jan 2019 , still waiting .

You have to waiting 5-12 months

Which service center are you? Mine is Nebraska. I’m
Waiting for mine too. I-130 noa1 receive November 8. My husband is a us citizen.

Have you received you EAD?

Nop I’m waiting for approval. I have 7 months waiting.

I’m late too PD april 12

It’s still too early to receive an approval for August. I’m August 9th, California Service Center m, IOE, F2A, no approval yet. Maybe in two months we can start to receive approvals for August.

I got my approval today for i130 … now what ?

Now wait for nvc welcom letter

After receiving the welcome letter , we need to send some docs ?

Yes, you need to perform “the 6 steps”

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What are the 6 steps ?

You can find more about it on https://travel.state.gov m. Basically in theses steps you need to present financial evidence, evidence that your marriage is real (photos, marriage certificate, bank account together etc), you need to fill out DS-160 form and then send to NVC. All of those information are on the NVC page.