Fiancé Visa Process

After getting the NOA1 notice for the k1 visa, what’s next? Anyone passed that step??

I believe we just wait. I think there’s a few months of nothing, just quiet time .

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It’s so frustrating. :weary::weary:

Thanks for your response.

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We at 103 day after case received

Still not receive approval

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Oh wow, mine was sent in in July :woman_facepalming:

What is the procedures after u received k1
Anybody know ?? B

You’ll receive a letter from the NCV. They’ll set up (alien fiancé will do the required medical, pay the necessary fees and whatever documents they require) and schedule an interview for the alien fiancé in his/her country…

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Have a received an approval? If so, how long did it take after filling the i-129f form?

Never receive any approval… it’s 115 days …
waiting …

this is not fun i want my wife here already

Mine in March I just got a letter requesting more evidence the evidence was my wife signature :man_facepalming:t2:

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We are 77 days in from receipt of petition. My friend who went through this said they didn’t hear anything until 3.5-4 months after, which would be about 110-120 days…

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How long ago did your friend did it? They say that the timeframes change according to the number of cases that they have to deal with. Ours was filed in July

She just made it to the states about a month ago. She’s from Canada. I know the immigrants’ country depends on the timeline too.

So you don’t get anything from uscis After the letter of recite you get a letter from NVC is that how you know that you were approved?


We are 102 days in from date of receipt but no word yet. What about you all?

O gotten a request for evidence apparently it was only missing my wife’s signature now I’m waiting to see what happens next


I applied on March 22 Gotten a received letter about a month in April after that I waited all the way till November 26 to get an approval now waiting for the NVC to send the next steps

I am done with the process) Waited 9 months

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