Fiancé Visa Process

My case was sent to the NVC how much longer do I have to wait till an appointment?

I’m about 4 months in and we just received an RFE. Did you all get one too?

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I summit it my documents in March 2019 I received a letter requesting more evidence on October at the end of November I received the approval from USCSI. On December 4th they send my documents to the NVC now I’m waiting for the next final steps.

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We received one and we sent in the requested information. They have resumed working on our case and we are now just waiting again.

Have u heard back from NVC? If so, how long after? Our documents were recently sent to them.

After they send my documents on the 4th of December they revived my documents by December 13th the NVC has dates of documents that they received they are working on documents that the received by December 11th right now every Monday the date changes but you won’t be able to see the changes until Tuesday hope that helps

Thank you. Is there a way to track the progress on NVC’s website?

When approved they will send yo another notification that they’ve send it to the NVC you could keep track at the NVC website on which dates of cases that they receive they are working on mine was send on the 4th of December they received it on the 13 of December and today January 16 I got the letter from NVC so could start my last step ver the visa for my wife

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Good day. One last question. How do you know when NVC has received your case? The last contact that I received is a mail from USCIS saying that my case was approved and that they will send it to NVC. It has been over 2 weeks and I haven’t heard from NVC.

How’s your case going?

recieved packet oct 8 and still waiting for noa2…is it still normal?

Which packet did u receive? When did you file your case?

i mean the USCIS recieved the packet october 8 and notice date is october 11.

Ok. You’re now waiting for an approval. That might take anywhere from 2-4 months, considering all the proper documents and paperwork were sent.

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Im hoping hope we get approved this week coz a lot of like oct 15 onwards filier already got approved though

You should hear from them soon.