Filing all forms together

Hi. My wife and I got married this year June and submitted our paper work in August. We filled everything together. I 130, I 485, I 765 & I 131. Status showed that papers received Sept 3rd 2019. Few days later I got my biometrics appointment which I did on Sept 30th. There has been no change to the app that I showed that I did the biometrics. Just when they initially received my papers. Has anyone else filled all these papers this year and what is the history or status of your cases?

Did u do fingerprint yet? When u have all receipt for all the form that I send. After over 1 months they will send mail for u let ur schedule. It’s depend on how was ur case approved. If they need some things. Maybe longer for interview

Yes I did prints Sept 30th

Did u remember what is the month u send whole backage?

I got it. U send whole package in August. U did fingerprint on September. Around 6-9months. U have to appoinment. Ít count on begin the day they had all ur papers. Have a good luck.

You mean I’ll have appointment for interview? They received all papers sept 3rd and finger prints was sept 30th.

Yeah. U do paper for immigration with married right?

Yes I did. Married to citizen.

Yeah. U have to do that. Interviewer just ask about ur and ur wife information. How ur met, when, where, how long… you leave together. The day u married…