Filing form I-485 with I-765

Does Anyone Know How Long The Processing Times Are For Marriage Based I-765 and I-485? We Are Still In Early Process.

National Benefits Center-Virginia
Received Oct 3rd 2019
Bio Completed Nov 5th

Texas Service Center
Received by Transfer Oct 8th
Bio Completed Nov 5th

Still No Update For Either One. Not Expecting Green Card Anytime Soon But Was Wondering When My Husband Should Be Expecting A Decision On I-765? What Are The Next Steps? Also, Does It Speed Up Process Filing Both I-765 and I-485 Together?

Amber, we applied in May, I received my EAD this past Tuesday, and on Wednesday we had our interview, for which we got approved on the spot. I have spent months without hearing from them, and then in the past 10 days everything happened. Just have to have patience, lots!
Philadelphia filer. Also I noticed you wrote NBC is in Virginia, it is actually in MO.

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Ohhhh okay I have no clue why I put Va🤦🏻‍♀️ And Congrats! I hate that they give no updates until last minute. Do we need a interview for I-765 or was this for I-485? We filed both at the same time and I’m thinking his Green Card will take a while. I’m still new to all of this

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My husbad recieved a message yesterday Nov-13 that Work authorization card has been produced, today Nov -14 a new alert said your case has been approved… we still waiting for the interview to be scheduled .

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When did you guys file? How long did it take to get approval on I-765? And did you file both at the same time? Also where we’re both cases processed? I have no update after completing Bio.

They don’t interview for the work permit, it will only be for the 485.

I thought so, I figured I had read your reply wrong. I feel so dumb because I’m new to all of this where everyone else knows so much. But you don’t learn if you don’t ask questions. Thank you for responding!

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We file in june they received the paper work, july 5th finger prints and then in october 2 the interview notice came


Oh yeah I know… we still waiting for them to schedule us… how long did they took for you to get your interview scheduled?


Don’t worry! We are here to help each other :slight_smile:

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3 months from the time they received your case they already scheduled a interview?? Wow that seems fast! But idk how long my husbands will take. He came to the US with his parents at 13 years old so he wasn’t old enough to make the decision to wait and come here legally. He is 28 years old now so he’s been here for 15 years. Ours is a Marriage based and I’m a US Citizen. I’m not even sure if we are IR-1 or what because he’s already here but asked for forgiveness for crossing illegally since he was too young and didn’t have a choice in the matter. I can’t seem to find anyone with a case similar to mine.

Sorry I misread again🤦🏻‍♀️ But that is still very quick to have a interview notice update! I hope it is scheduled very soon girl!

Hi we are the same I filed June 2019 also my interview on dec.13,2019
I don’t have EAD yet even change status nothing :frowning: I am worried because I have no state ID SSN only passport and expired :sob::sob:

5 months from when we filed, then another 45 days until the interview!

My husband got approved for his EAD card and has been mailed. We also got approval letters yesterday as well for the travel parole


Congrats! So happy for you both!

Apply for renewal at an embassy in the US. Hope will arrive before Interview!