Form-751- To remove conditions on permanent resident

How long does it to take for biometrics appointment. I live in GA and the petition was sent to CA. I received notification that they received the petition and the 18 months extension on my green card. Thanks.

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Basically a month, I just moved from NY to GA, did everything required of me. I just changed my address today. Hoping to hear back from them soon

I have been waiting to remove the condition from my green card almost 18 months and my extention is gone at September 15th and they don’t say nothing yet I am really worry


I believe you should contact immigration where they can tell you about your case status. And advice them that you’re worried that your extension is about to expire in less than a month.

Elizabeth C. Cuevas

Im on the 20 months now
Don’t worry we are all in the same situation

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I had to request the info pass bc everything I had expired

My extension already expire and I call USCIS , all they can do is case inquiry that all .

I m going to to the uscis office tomorrow for them to putte a stamp on my passport after 18 month of waiting .

Call them they will putte a stamp in your passport we in the same situation .

You can apply for an extension 3 months before expiring date. I’ve been wait for my interview it’s been 19 months and no. Interview. My combo card expired on the 09-17-2020 .

I applied for the combo card 3 months before it’s expiring date look I just got it in the mail

Call them and schedule appointment so they can pute stamp in your passport . I m in the same situation as u and still waiting

We in the same situation

How thing go now, I am the same deal

I am still waiting it’s 3 years already some lawyers say it’s can take 5 years

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