Green card application process

It has shown ‘Immigrant visa fee payment received’ for roughly 110 days. It says I’m supposed to received my Green Card within 120 days after the payment was received, but I still haven’t heard any updates yet. I’m starting to worry if there is something wrong or any existence of delay of the process.
Has anyone met the same problem yet? Can anyone tell me if my case is normal and I should just be more patient and no panic or I should do something like contacting them or something like that.
Many thanks!

Dnt panic.i have been waiting for last 252 days…
So be patient

Oh thanks! But it says we can contact them if we haven’t received it within 120 days. Did you try to contact them? That’s so weird.

Did you do interview yet?

What kind of interview? I think I did. I did it in Guangzhou consulate in China. They gave me the immigrant visa afterwards. Is this interview you meant or some else ?

Did you come over on fiancé visa? If you did then they may have done interview already

we were married before I applied

Hello I’m having the same problem right now. My payment was done since Dec 2019 but till now, I did not receive my GC. Almost 6 months yet.

Oh really? thanks so much for that. Almost 208 days. I will Keep hoping