Green Card based on Asylum Case

Is anyone applied for Greencard in Dec 2019 based on Asylum case? Did you hear anything back or because of the Corona everything got delayed??? I did a biometric fingerprints last month.


Hi! I’ve apply app for GC based on Asylum in October 2019 my finger prints has been add in my file in November 05 2019. After that I don’t have more updates about it!

Yes I did on December , they send to me the card today 3/27/20 I was really excited about it, and I wish the same to you guys.

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Can you please tell me more about ur timeline? Like when did u apply and if u get another appointment for doing fingerprints?

What do you was received in December ? Green card? Or social and EAD card. Thanks

I received the green card.

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Lol. This it’s great :pray:. Thanks for share.

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Share for us your history. :smiley:. What country do you from? :blush:

Hello Guys!

  • I filled the application and pay a fee related a form I485 in October 2019!
  • In 12/05/2019 Finger prints has been add in my file!
  • I’m From Brazil.
    Until today I don’t have any updates in my case!

Thank you guys for shared your experience and about your timeline!

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I did it last December, yes.

I applied GC based on asylum in may 2019 at TSC. Still waiting