Green card based on Marriage

Hello, me and my husband had our interview on Aug 3 2020 and the interview was good. The officer told us we would hear an answer in 2-3 weeks. It’s been almost 3 month and we still didn’t get an answer. My case says your case must be reviewed. What can I do or should I do

On August 19/2020 I got this notification “Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview” pls how long does it take before you got your interview.

They need more convincing documents and your attorney needs to call them too.


Mekus which state you dey?

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Trying to reply you bro but it’s not responding. I am in Houston Texas

Oh ok cool, I am in California

I applied in March this year, I already had my EAD last month, I am waiting for the interview

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What’s that EAD You can explain me please

That’s the employment authorization

My interview was in July / 2019 and so far I have no answer. The last notification in my case is about scheduling the interview.
When I get to talk to them, they say they are in the background, but this has been more than 5 months.

If you or your spouse has any pending case (felony or misdemeanor) they will have to review your interview before getting back to you.

If you don’t have enough document showing the family tiers between you and spouse

None of this is our case. And if they want to review everything ok, but for how long?