Green card by marriage MA

I submitted my green card in July 2019, at 4 months I had my interview (November 13), the person who interviewed us said nothing if he approved or not. I never get my work permit that was aproved 125 days ago and now I am waiting for an answer from everything and nothing happens. could someone guide me what should i do ??

I’m in the same situation.

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Which center did your application go too?

National benefit center

Did a citizen apply for you through marriage?

Yes. But ive never received my EAD. Now its 20 days after my interview

Wow you got your interview fast. What state are you in and how long were you married?

Im in methuen MA. Im gonna be 3 years in Feb

Oh ok I just got married in June. I’m hoping they don’t take long

What state are you. And what is your service center

I’m in NYC and service center is National Benefits Center

Kevin. How long to get green card 10years after filling applied form i751. I applied in May,2019. September, 2019 they preview my fingerprint, November, 2019. I did biometric. How long the card mail to me. Thanks

It takes 4 months I believe to get card after biometrics

My case got transferred to some other USCIS office … how much time does it take from here ? Any idea ?

What’s the name of the office?

I dint get the receipt yet . Have to wait until jan 5 , 2020

Anyone applied for GC advance parole near July 10th 2019? My case was received on July 10 2019 by NBC still no card or interview : (

My case got transferred again … dont know why :thinking:

My case i751 just said case was show fingerprint were taken. How long I have to wait for green card coming? Thanks kevin

Maybe 7 more months. Let me ask you, why have you been waiting 10 years?