Green card holder who abroad more than year

I have serious problems with submitting the I-131A or SB-1 visa, for green card holder who abroad for more than a year out of the United States,
I’ve contact Baghdad embassy tow time with zero reply and lve contact erbil consultant and they refer to USICS and after I contact them and explain my case They recommended contacting the nearest embassy outside Iraq to submit the application and to check my imagination status,
My first question is: what is the proper form to apply for permission to back to the United States?

And if is this ok! How?
Second, can I book a ticket and flight to USA ?

Please I need a clear answer and the full procedure specially my imagination status and if I’m eligible to re entry United state .

I would try to hire a lawyer and ask. As far as I know, after 1 year you lose your Green card and if you want to come back you need to apply for a regular visa.

To get a second green card you will need to get the qualifications again (Marriage, Employment, etc etc etc)