Green Card in hand

Hello everyone!

I would like to shore with you my case.

I had my interview on September 30, form I-130 Approved on spot.

October 1; I-485 approved

October 7; received my I-130 approval notice.

October 11; I did an inquiry because the approval notice wasn’t delivered.

November 4; I did an inquiry because my Green Card wasn’t delivered as well.

November 11; I submitted another inquiry about my approval notice from I-485

November 19; My inquiry about the approval notice was assigned to an officer for response.

November 19; They approved again my case in the system, and sent me another approval notice.

November 20;

They approved again my case lol

November 21;

I called USCIS and after 6 hours I could speak with a supervisor ( Level 2). He told me that once my case was approved on October 1, some error occurred that my card, and my approval notice wasn’t sent to me, but after the last update everything was fine, and I should receive my GC by the end of the next week ( Thanksgiving).

November 23 I received my Green Card by mail.

I’m very happy, and I hope this experience could help someone in the same situation.


Congratulations :tada::confetti_ball: . Enjoy it

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Wow that’s awesome, great Thanksgiving huh?!

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Is it normal to not be told at the end of the interview if your green card is approved or not? He said he had to review the information and it could take 60-90 days. He asked a lot of surface question and nothing really deep at all.