Green card interview

Hey guys my husband and I went to our interview today in Durham NC and the guy was nice we were so comfortable and at the end he told us that he approved our case and will receive The green card in 2 weeks but he didn’t give me any paper or nothing . What do you think ? Can he change his mind or once you get approved it’s done. Thanks

They are not to give you any paper. You hurt wait for the card in the mail

So guys good news on my end, after filing my i130 form in 2015 did my interview in 2016 heard nothing after that then in November of 2018 a 2nd interview, I finally get my 10 years green card yesterday. 4 years of waiting is over…thank you Jesus…


Ohh wow congratulation happy for you Bc I saw your message before, God is good I’m still waiting my GC after two interviews too :man_facepalming:t4:

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You know what? I reach out to my congressman and he ask for some documents and I submit them that’s when he said he’s gonna pressure the system.
He said USCIS have to answer.
But after some questions he said what they’re asking if am married for so long and haven’t submit any paperwork for my kids that means the marriage isn’t real.
So we file for my 2 boys and boom I get approved.

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You’re going to get it in Jesus name.


They just send me the approval notice thank god it was 2 days ago may b hours after interview the system could have problem that’s y I didn’t receive it the same day . File in June 28 /2019 and interview November 7 /2019

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Yeah! But anyway today I got a good news, finally they approved my second I-765 after been pending about 210 days. Now I’m waiting approval to my I-130& I-485. I don’t know if you don’t mind to help me how you did the All process, which state you living? And what country you come from?

which service center was that at?

Wao that was quick.
I’ve been on the process for a year now and yet to expect my interview date in the mail. It took me 10 months for he EAD.
You were lucky

Am from Jamaica and living in NY…

I need your help how to Contact the congressman? And what type the papers they asked you ? Pls

Good luck I just receive my green card today less than 5 months never received ead but thank god I got my card. Good luck everyone


We had our interview yesterday, PD May 6, and got approved on the spot. Received “card in production” and “ case approved” notification already. Received my EAD the day before the interview. Good luck y’all!


My interview was on November 13 and my husband and I nervously answered 2 questions differently. The interviewer did not answer us, he just said that anything would notify us. We are so nervous

Np, just google or ask someone who’s the congressman in your area and reach out to him explain everything to him and then he’ll send you a privacy form to fill out.
And then from there he’ll send it to USCIS wherever your case it.
Once he get in touch with them they Have to explain why your case is taking so long. Good luck.

At my second interview my husband forget our son middle name and all she said was I have 1 mistake and he said I know our son middle name.
Later on on the interview she said you should hear back form us within 2 weeks. Oh boy. It takes 1 year. And here we go boom 10 years…
So good luck

Congrats!!! With God all things are possible.

Hello if I gave you my email would you don’t mind to gave me The example of the form the congressman gave it to you… to see what papers should I need to prepare please :pray:t4:

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Yes I can send u a example of the privacy release form but u know my congressman is different…
If u have fb messenger.