H4 biometric and h1 inquiry

How long will it take to get the h4 decision after getting the biometric done? No change of case tracker status, and it’s been a month.

And what does it mean when case status shows “NAME WAS UPDATED “ for h1b ?

Get it converted to pp

A friend is waiting from 45 days after the biometrics is done.

Its not H4 extension so I can’t do PP. i can do my h1b processing to PP but h4 will proceed with regular timing. But don’t know what is the regular processing time

My spouse did her biometric on May 9. No change of case tracker status :confused::confused::confused:

Its been 60 days after biometric, still no updates

It’s been 87 days for my spouse l, and the case status is showing same. It’s California service center. I have heard they are working slow. Don’t know how much time it will take.

Beside my spouse, my h1b status is still showing “Name was updated” from the last 67 days

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113 days still waiting

Same waiting days like you. Did biometric on May 9, no change of status yet. Not even h1b status

We got in 6 weeks. Happened 2019 November

My case make175 days