Have your case been transferred?

Have your f2a case been transferred to another office?


Yes my case transfer to Nebraska


Mine too, transferred to Nebraska my PD is January 2018. What about you? What’s your PD?

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Yes, Nebraska. My PD is Jan 2018 as well. Keep posting guys as soon as anyone gets an update.


I waiting for 4 years for a work permit ;(

Guys I just saw a December 2017 case approved. We are getting closer :smiley:


Yes I saw December 21st case approved recently.

They are already working on January!! I saw a case January 5,2018 (they asked him for RFE)

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I saw that as well. I guess you are following the same group on Facebook as me. :smile:

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Which city case approved ? Oh

Bt some cases still pending for october

Where you saw that ?

It was from California service Centre, there is a group on Facebook F2A 2017 & 2018 filers.

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Really how u know about it? Do u get approval?

There’s a group in Facebook where people post their cases and all the process and I saw people from December getting approved and one from January that they asked him for RFE.

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Remember he was from California but they transferred his case to Nebraska. That what he said in the post

Yes! It depends in what service center your case is, some work faster than others. There is people from June and July that hasn’t been approved. It all depends on the service center.

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anyone from the group received approval from cali to nebraska? receipt date jan. 2018.

I saw a January 12, 2018 case been approved so yess

Where did you see the Dec 2017 case was approved?