Have your case been transferred?

May I know where did you see it?

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In a Facebook group ( F2a 2017 fillers)

Can you plz send me link from facebook for that group ?

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My case is transferred from California to Vermont My PD is 5march 2018

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San Fernando Valley, February 2018.
Had interview June 2019.
No answer yet


My case was transferred July 30, 2019 from California service center to another office that has jurisdiction. I am still waiting patiently for the mail

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Did you get approved?
Was an RFE requested?

I receive nothing i called uscis they said they will reply me till 15august

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Same here pd 3-15-18. Transferred to Vermont july18,2019. No approval yet

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Just received hard copy
Our case got transferred to Vermont Service Center. We are praying for approval & in the name of Jesus soften the consulars heart for successful outcome

Did your case get transferred?

Is your case AWA?
Are you the petitioner?

Yes transferred from California sc

Our petition was received in California service center then we received email indicating our case had been transferred to Vermont Service Center

Is your case AWA?
Did you retain an immigration attorney?

How will I know if my case has been transferred? I haven’t received any mail or email regarding this issue.

You need to check the status of your case online


I haven’t seen anything new

Mine case transferred too
PD 01-17-2018 I didn’t hear any updates from NBRSKA