How long did it take you to get a response from USCIS after mailing documents for RFE (Request for Evidence)

Recently, I mailed my Affidavit of Support and Medical Exam in response to a Request for Evidence notice. I’ve read that it takes up to 60 days for them to reply. I am wondering if someone has done the same thing and how long it took to get a response from them?

I just got a notice saying request for REF I still haven’t had anything in the mail yet but I also read it takes 60 days after they receive your documents some sites on Wikipedia say 15 days.


Vera, It took me 90 day to get my rfe letter. I had to do 2 e-requests and still i wasnt receiving anything in the mail. I called them and after i dont know how many times i was able to speak to a 2nd level representative and they immediately sent a copy of rfe letter by email.

You should expect a response within 90 days. After that is better start calling them

It’s took me about 1 week after mailed the evidence they need to update the status

U will receive interview letter that what trump administration is doing they just send that letter for excuse even if u send the evidence they will send a interview letter I m in the same situation

Im waiting for respond since March 24 that they acepted my RFE nothing yet