How long does it take for I-485, work auth and travel document?

My last status for everything were ‘case was received’ for 90 days already. I applied for Greencard and in the same time for Work Authorize and Travel document too. None of them change.

Plus, I didn’t receive any biometrics appointment, at all. For 3 months that my case status is still ‘case was received’ , ‘biometrics fee receieved’

I don’t want to just stuck at home for months. Why it takes so long. :frowning:

Live in Columbus Ohio
Office: CSC


Same here. Mine is 160 days and no work permit receive

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Mine is a 101 days. The wait is the worse.

Mine is 261 days, we filed for the 765,131,485 on 11/21/2018

Hi guys my case just change yesterday, it’s say new card being produced (i765) took like a 3 month and 15 days my case is in national benefits center, when I send the form I send the I485 and I765 they got my form at the same time on April 18 and June went for a biometric (fingerprint) and now my case just changed saying that they produced my new card which is I765 EAD. Here is my question someone know home long take the card get to me ?


145 days and no luck with the work permit and travel document, this is painful


Hi we filled the same date and my status hasn’t changed yet also have you taken step on that yet?

Case change
“Card being send”
Work permit base on I-485

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Hi Jessica I think we are experiencing same situation cause we filed same date and I have not received any message yet. Please have you taken any positive step yet

Usually it takes 3 days - you can do a tracking by using tracking number in USCIS website

There’s no tracking number, only say “my new card was emailed to me”
That’s all

For work authorization which category put ?

Special juvenile is juvenile visa

It usually about 2 weeks, if you’re not receiving your EAD card in 2 weeks, you should contact USCIS and notify them so they can issue another one. Also, they should send you a physical card instead a digital one.

It took me 4 months to get mines!

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That’s odd, I got a notice on Aug 9, after 5 months of waiting, that my i765 is approved. My EAD is coming tomorrow.

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The problem is I still don’t get my fingerprint appointment

Same thing happens to me. I haven’t received bio appointment and it’s 90 days already. Can u keep me posted?

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Hi! How long did you wait for your bio appointment after the receipt notice? And what’s the office?

I haven’t received it either.
My cases were received on May 1st and that the only mail I got. Longer than 90days.

CSC office
Columbus Ohio