How long is it taking to approve the i140 at Texas?

The bulletin says up to 14 months now but it is taking more than that. Anyone with a recent approval of i140 ?

I’m waiting. My process 0ctober, 02 2018.
Do you have any News about your I-140? Are you Eb-2?

I am EB2. A friend with EB2 from June 2018 just received the approval. It took almost 16 months…


I sent my case (I am still living in Brazil)… my status: “case was received”. (11 days). It is an EB2 NIW.

I haven’t received the receipt notice yet, but I already got my case number…


Hi JULiana.
I’m from Brazil too. I applied to EB2 NIW in July/2019. I received my combo card after 2 mouths applied. But I already waiting to my GC.

Hello. Olá. My case was received by USCIS in June 2019. So far no news about it. I know some EB2 NIW Cases were in 6 to 9 months. Let’s wait.

I applied concurrently for I-485 and I-140 regular processing on July 2019. I got my I-140 approved on January 15 2020. Still waiting for the I-485. The EAD card it’s also pending.

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Hi, online it says processing time 9.5 to 12.5 months in Texas.
Nebraska It’s been faster 6 to 7.5 months.

Hi. Did you have your interview? What day of July did you file your case?

No interview yet. I filed July 22 2019

Do you have The Texas office link? Wanna check it out.

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I’m waiting. EB2-NIW (Concurrent filling).
Filled March 2018.

RFE received by USCIS: Dec 2019

No answer as today, April 08.

4 months waiting for an answer.

Total time is 2 years and 1 month now.

Thank you, for your answer.

We have to be very patient!!!