I-130 approval any body

My case still case received from May and I didn’t get any update anybody alse? Waiting for approval

How long now because it depend on your case

F2a 112 days today and nothing yet

From 120 days you have right to call uscis for follow up

Thank you :blush: hope get news soon

You’re always welcome and I wish you all the best

In June start my case to bring my wife with me, I’m Vietnam veterans and US born citizen,hope not take to long to bring my family with me.

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How long I have to wait for the intervew,and how they notify?

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369 days and still nothing! California service center ! F2a

I have number 414 days :)))))

Are you LPR ? And what service center?

Hi, I was approved at 430 days, f2a I was in California and they transferred me to Nebraska.

so u approved now in ur case

167 days approved but no interview yet