I-130 Approval in California center

I did the I-130 for my wife , l’m in CSC center , I have now almost 4 months , and I’m a green card holder , does any body have an idea about how long it takes for approval please ? Thank you

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My wife applied for me on Jan 31 , 2019 . In california service centre . Its been more than 300 days . Still waiting .

Did you at least get your work permit?

I have still waiting for approval letter
Almost 842 days


My almost 872 days nothing approval letter

What’ Your service center?

He said CSC, California Service Center.

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Hi Jennifer, thanks you

El El sáb, ene. 18, 2020 a la(s) 12:44 p. m., Jennifer Tatiana notifications@51apply.com escribió:

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I have been waiting for almost 1200days getting to 4 yrs nothing yet csc center


What type of i130 form ???

Are you CSC as well ?

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yes, my brother f2a and i’m f2b receipt IOE but sent from California Service Center

How long have you been waiting?

Same here November 17

Have u call them ? And ask why u guys take this long to process your case

November 9 2018 California center no approval yet

I have a application who will give you an estimate when your file will be processed if you need it let me know

Yup i need it … can you let me know which app is that ?

The name is Lawfully it’s work for the approval for my friend I hope for you to

How accurate is Lawfully? Has anyone here used it and had application approved on the prediction set by this app?