I-130 Approval (IR-2 Visa Processing)

Anybody awaiting their I-130 approval for the IR-2 Visa category?

Mines was filed and received text on 8/16. Waiting on notice by mailed. I have an IOE receipt number.


Ohh nice :facepunch:t5:, I have a WAC receipt number. Best of luck to us!

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Yes, but the application is being processed at Nebraska😭

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Just keep the faith, everything will manifest into reality soon

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I got my I-130 approved two days ago and now me and my husband are waiting for the approval notice to come in the mail.

What means have a WAC number? I have it too

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What is your Priority Date? Which service center?

Nebraska Service Center

12/10/18 is my priority date. USCIS had approved my petition on November 26, 2019 and my approved I-130 was already sent to the department of state for visa processing

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