I-130 PROTOMAC waiting approval

Our I-130 been proceed at protomac service Centre and our PD October 5,2018 and the last update which my wife got from them was it’s currently been reviewed by an officer for consideration since middle November 2019 and since then we didn’t hear anything yet and don’t even know what next or action will be tho…is there anyone in the house whose case is been processed at same service Centre and what is his or her own case experience?

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Hello did you hear anything yet from Potomac?

Till now, my case is still waiting approval, when my wife submit enquiry online and they get back to her saying the same thing that it’s currently under review by an officer and pd 10/05/2018, this is kinda Annoying…do you have a case with them?

It’s the same thing for me I sent mine for my husband on 10/12/2018 I didn’t received nothing changed

I just called they said they are following the Vermont service operating schedule they are about 2 years behind. They are currently working on June of 2018.

Like seriously you haven’t gotten an approval yet but which service Centre do you have your petition with?

I’m at Potomac but they told me they are following the Vermont processing times.

So your case was transfer to protomac from Vernont right but what did they told you as your current case status? As for me, they told my wife that it’s pending consideration and that their records shows it’s current in line to be reviewed by an officer…

Case was not transferred. They are following the processing times of Vermont.

Like seriously you meant you case has been with protomac since day October 2018 and till now they haven’t approved it yet? If so then we are both in the same shoe because ours has been with them since october 2018 but have you try to check on the status and what did they told you? Is the petition usc or gc holder?

My case has been there since September of 2019. they told me they are following the Vermont processing time that is 21 months to 27 months. I just called yesterday I was on hold for 30 minutes. The petition is a us citizen.

This is just a pity that they have to hold us long, ours has been with them since October 2018 and til date, we haven’t gotten any approval yet…it’s just a shame that have been away from my family for a long time