I-130 still not approved 4 months

I-130 case waiting from 4 month no response only get receive latter

What is your service station?

I am in New York I was applying from Texas

Your service station. Their is no in New York.

Yes service location is Texas

Sorry California service center

Not sure which category you fall under. But this is the expected time.

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Yes thank you it will be taking 16 months for approve

Thh tu is is not always true.

Mine almost 2 years nothing changed

Have you called them?

No I didn’t call them

Really did you get approved latter

I have not gotten anything. You need to call and ask where in the process is your application.

Thank you I am gonna do that

Let us know what you find you.

Ok sure thank you​:heart::heart:

Now they are working on jun 2019 case file so I have to wait almost 1 year May be

Maybe more they are dying a year and 9 months. But things can change quick. Sometimes they don’t have as money applications and they skip months so let’s hope and pray that this time changes fast.

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Yeah that’s true hope so thank you for everything :heart: